Best laptops for engineering students

  There have been days when an engineering student can easily survive by having a laptop with mediocre specs, but in these days it's not the case anymore. On this modern technological era you need a laptop with high performance so you will not compromise any of your projects. ...

Best laptops for writers

  Does your job require a lot of writing and typing on your laptop? Are you a journalist? A blogger? A student for English major? An author writing your next novel? Or maybe you simply have fingers on steroids when they touch the keyboard? If you reply yes to any of these ...

Best tablets for college students

Technology has made and continues to make enormous leaps, greatly improving different aspects of daily lives, also significantly influencing areas such as studying and drawing. In this sense, high-tech solutions have been adopted in schools, colleges and universities classrooms, thus offering ...

Best gaming laptops under 1500$

  Can a laptop under 1500 dollars in 2020 run modern pc games smoothly? Definitely! Today's laptops are mounted with a 'state of the art' components which are usually the small sized version of desktops GPU's and processors, allowing modern gaming laptops in this price segment to ...

Best gaming laptops under 500$

    Can gaming laptops under 500 dollars actually run modern games? The short answer is YES and NO... Let me explain.   With today's enormous variety of laptops, it is possible to find some budget ones under 500 that could play games smoothly, but, and here's the ...

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